Due to sensitivity issues surrounding the bed bug taboo most of the clients we spoke to and asked if we could mention them by name and company declined. The following were actual comments made to our technical team. We will update this section often and one day someone will actually let us use their name and admit they had bed bugs…

I didn’t really want to try your product because I just spent a small fortune on a piece of equipment that does the same thing your product claims to do…dehydrate the bugs. Figures you would come up with a technology that is guaranteed and costs a fraction of what I charge to accomplish the same results. At least I can leave a sample of your product with my clients to eliminate any callbacks. I would appreciate it if you would not mention my name or company in any marketing of your product and send me another case as soon as possible. Thanks.

- Mr. Anonymous, Cleveland Ohio

Peace of mind is what we refer to RestAsure around here. Our facility utilizes many of your other technologies and when you introduced RestAsure to us we knew it would work. Although we haven’t had any major issues with bed bugs we did have to use it on one occasion and as usual, worked just the way you said it would. We have also decided to utilize it as a preventative measure since our staff cleans the rooms during the day. We spray the areas you recommended after each checkout and if they were hiding until dark to come out, they will no longer be able to. Peggy is great to work with and well informed on the issues concerning bed bugs.

- Carman, Major Hotel St.Louis, MO

We have been in the Pest Control business for over 20 yrs and have been buying different products and equipment to try and get rid of a major Bed Bug epidemic that has plagued our city and the facilities we are directly responsible for maintaining. Nothing seems to work and the costs associated with call backs not only hurt our bottom line but our reputation as well. We heard about RestAsure and had nothing to lose to try one more product claiming to work, because unlike the other products RestAsure came with a 100% money back guarantee…

As you can imagine since I’m writing this, your product RestAsure worked better that any product or piece of equipment we have EVER used, bar none. It instantly eliminated thousands of bed bugs that infested one of our units and the best part about it was the fact that the tenant didn’t have to move out or be inconvenienced what so ever. We just want to thank you for making a product that actually works as claimed. I will be a long term satisfied customer who will support your efforts of introducing RestAsure to those of us who rely on results for our livelihoods…

- Kathy, Pest Control Operator New York City

Best product on the market for bed bugs…period.

- Frank S., Texas Homeowner