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RestAsure by BioLogix

RestAsure is a step forward in the sanitary, all-natural and ecologically-sound treatment of bed bugs and bed bug infestations. RestAsure was developed out of a need in the market for a safe, non-toxic bed bug treatment that was also eco-friendly.

RestAsure was developed by BioLogix, a leader in the field of green products. Since 1989 BioLogix has developed a bold, yet simple new formula for pest control, specifically designed to combat bed bug outbreaks in your home, office and everywhere else.

RestAsure is free of harmful chemicals and fogging agents, making it simple to apply and safe enough that people can sleep in their bed shortly after spraying. Because it is free of those harsh chemicals that can escape into the air and water through cleaning, RestAsure is also more ecologically friendly than other bed bug pesticides.

Many of the “safe” alternatives and household remedies have been shown to be less effective or simply don’t work at all, while others such as steam cleaning are time-intensive and laborious. It is also an effective way to kill eggs and larvae without the use of professional exterminators. With RestAsure, consumers now have a natural, toxin-free bed bug killer that is easy to use and can be reapplied as often as necessary to eliminate the bed bug infestation.

Unlike many alternatives, RestAsure can be used anywhere it is needed. In the kitchen and around food, in an automobile, in dressers and closets, even in places such as hospitals, hotels or schools where use of conventional treatments could prove harmful.

About BioLogix

Since 1989 BioLogix has manufactured and distributed superior quality, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to businesses and consumers. They continue to be pioneers in their field through continuous research into new technological developments in the green industry.

Right at the heart of BioLogix’s ongoing success is the lineup of exceptional BioLogix products. Their product line continues to grow and currently includes green cleaning products, wastewater treatment products, grease elimination products, hygiene, odor control, and stain removal products. As well as line of pet and integrated pest management products.

BioLogix has developed each product from scientifically proven ingredients to work as well as, or better than, any products on store shelves. As a result, Biologix’s products are not only more effective, but provide impressive results.


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