About Us


RestAsure is a product made by BioLogix® whose corporate headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Since 1989 BioLogix has manufactured and distributed superior quality environmentally-friendly solutions for businesses and consumers. Their products include green cleaning products, waste-water treatment products, pest management products, pet products, grease trap and drain line products and more. BioLogix continues to be pioneers in their field through continuous research into new technological developments in the green industry.

BiologixRight at the heart of BioLogix’s ongoing success is the realization that there is a constant change to environmental issues and problems that require immediate attention. BioLogix is able to adapt to these changes swiftly by incorporating the latest in high-tech product concepts and developments, thus staying one step ahead of the latest issues associated with the ever changing world that we live in.

Only by building on this carefully laid foundation of quality products has BioLogix grown year after year.

BioLogix has developed each product from scientifically proven ingredients to work as well as or better than any products on store shelves. As a result, BioLogix’s products are not only more effective, but provide results even beyond what our customers expect. Anything less wouldn’t carry the BioLogix name or guarantees associated with it.

For more information on BioLogix visit our website at www.BioLogix.com.