About Bed Bugs


A bed bug is no bigger than an apple seed

No bigger than the seed of an apple, bed bugs are wingless nocturnal insects that survive on human blood. Their bites leave large red welts on the skin, causing irritation and rashes, as well as allergic symptoms and psychological effects. Translucent at birth, they mature into a reddish brown and can live up to a year without feeding. Though they feed on many different kinds of animals, they are drawn to humans for food by our exhalation of carbon dioxide and by our body heat, and because we are mostly stationary at night when they are most active.

While they prefer to live and feed in mattresses or other places humans sleep, bed bugs have been found in increasing number throughout households, especially in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. More surprisingly, bed bug outbreaks have been popping up in public places such as high-traffic retail outlets, movie theaters, colleges, universities and business offices. They are most often found to congregate in large groups, they can also be found on their own or in smaller numbers.

Bed bugs can invade a home or place of business a number of ways, most commonly by ‘hitching’ or laying eggs on articles of clothing, luggage or bags, pets, or even inside furniture. In close proximity, they can travel from infestations from nearby dwellings or offices.

Once believed eradicated in the early half of the 20th century, since the banning of harmful DDT insecticides bed bugs have been making a resurgence. This is due in part to unwitting transportation in the luggage of world travelers. Bed bug populations have been exploding worldwide since the mid-1990s.

Symptoms of Bed Begs

Bite marks from bedbugs

Bite marks from bed bugs

A bed bug usually bites when the person occupying the bed is fast asleep by using their highly developed mouth parts to easily pierce the skin and suck blood. The engorgement period only takes a short period – usually one to three minutes. A bed bug bite is painless and the human host will only be able to determine that he has been victimized long after the bed bug has finished its meal.

You can tell you have been bitten by a bed bug if you see large red marks on your skin. The bites are made in orderly rows, unlike the random pattern made by mosquitoes, and they can become quite itchy. The red marks only last for a few days.

The worst bed bug bites are those that swell and form blisters, or even those that result in small loss of skin tissue. Not all bites or any bite-like reactions are caused by bed bugs so those that have been bitten should try to find the bugs themselves or consult a specialist.

Treatment of Bed Bugs

Those bitten should not be too worried about getting any hazardous disease from a bed bug bite. The medical significance of the bites is limited mainly to inflammation and itching. Washing the bite with soap and water is the proper way to immediately treat bites. * UPDATE* Various anti-itch creams are available in drugstores.Although research is still being conducted, the following video clip sheds light on new information concerning the potential for disease carried by bed bugs. When updates are available, we will keep you appraised. Check back often.
<a href='http://health.msn.com/fitness/video.aspx?vid=807e1c82-340a-454a-bf6b-c14c9f4a550a' target='_new' title='Study: Bedbugs Could Carry Superbug Disease' >Video: Study: Bedbugs Could Carry Superbug Disease</a>

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you think your home may be infested with bed bugs, you should check out every crack and crevice you can find, from the crack behind the baseboards to the folds of drapes and even seams or tears in mattresses or other bedding, clothing, or clutter that may be lying about.

It is important that you act quickly when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. This usually proves to be a challenge as bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding and they are very good at hiding as they can live in various places such as walls, baseboards, outlets, carpeting and more. The old method of eliminating bed begs was to hire an exterminator who had plenty of experience with ridding homes of bed bugs. However, RestAsure provides a safe and effective solution so you can eliminate the bed bugs yourself.

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